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Phone Clip

Avaya IPO 1408 Addon

Our office upgraded to a new phone system. Unfortunately my new phone had fewer programmable buttons than my old phone so I now had to remember my colleagues internal phone numbers. Just so I could remain lazy, I decided to design an attachment that could hold a sheet of paper with a lookup table of internal phone numbers to names.

After a quick look at the handset, I noticed two small holes on the underside at the top edge which could be used to attach something to. The next stage was to draw an accurate side profile of the handset so that I could measure it's profile and sketch up a clip design. Once done, I created a simple OpenSCAD clip design and printed it out to test it's fit. Fortunately (or by design if you ignore luck), the clip fitted beautifully with a positive friction fitting.

Now that I had a clip design, a simple two piece paper holder with a frame like backing for rigidity and simple bezel front for aesthetic appeal was easy to design. Rounded corners and press fit made things simple to design and easy to 3D print.

After printing out a couple of designs, I realised it would be nice to enlarge the frame and thin out the design for speedier 3D prints. The second major version printed out in slightly less time than the first, yet could hold an info sheet nearly twice the size. The other major change was to put a slight bend in the clip so that the addon was angled better for when the phone was laid on its back or standing near vertically. This version has been so useful for me that I have now printed around 12 of them for others in my office who have the same phone.

Project by or assisted by David Booth