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Gaming Race Rig

Racing Sim

I got into sim racing with a friend a little while ago. Using spare wood from some home DIY, a friend made me a lightweight frame for use with my force feedback steering wheel and pedal box. After a little while I decided I could upgrade it with a better, more comfortable seat. Ebay was my friend again as I found a company that generally sold car seats in pairs but had a single seat to sell as the other had been damaged. Gaming seats tend to be lightweight but unfortunately also tend to be plasticy and fragile, so the proper car seat seemed a decent purchase. I mounted the seat on strong draw runners so that I could adjust the seats position easily.

I was then donated a Logitech G27 wheel and pedal box (I know I'm lucky). The awesome thing about the G27 pedal box is that the plastic case can be removed and each pedal is mountable on it's metal frame easily. I knocked up a quick wooden frame and mounted the three pedals upside down (but in the correct order) so that they work like real car pedals. After a little playing, I decided to add a foot rest (again like real cars). The latest modification was to add a table above the pedal box to rest an old TV I had lying around. The close up TV gives a more immersive experience and being closer and larger than a PC monitor means I can see more in the mirrors :)

Project by or assisted by David Booth