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Pallet Table

Garden table made from pallets

I acquired a small stack of wooden pallets from a construction site and after deciding that using them as firewood was a bit of a waste, I thought it would be nice to make a garden table out of the good parts from them. There are plenty of example pallet table ideas out there on the interweb but this one is different as it's "my" pallet table!

Building decisions

Pallets are usually made up from two plank types, several thin slat type planks on top with 3 thicker, more structural beams holding them together. Basically the width was determined by the length of the slats that were to be laid on top to use as the working surface. The height was determined by the length of the structural beams which handily was almost perfect standard table height. The table length was easily chosen as the length of two structural beams to give it a 2x1 rectangular shape.

I had previously seen a garden table with sunken ice buckets in the middle of the table and though it looked like an awesome idea. From that I realised I'd need something structural in the middle to rest the weight on which is why there are two beams running the table length down the middle. I have yet to cut out the slats ready for the ice buckets, but it's on my TODO list :)

Project by or assisted by David Booth